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Flora Park Festival 2017 welcomes visitors with flower displays and other floral spectacles

For flower and plant lovers, the annual cool season is a wonderful time to be in Thailand. In the North and Northeast fields of flowers bloom in vibrant colour and local festivals of a ‘green nature’ dot the events calendar. Flora Park Festival 2017 in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima province is one such festival, which opened on 1 November and is now in full swing.

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  • Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2018 adds to Thailand’s crowded running calendar

    Bangkok, 6 November, 2017 – Approximately 30,000 runners from all around the world are expected to join the first edition of the Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok presented by Toyota, which is set to take place on 4 February, 2018. The event is being organised under a five-year agreement between IRONMAN, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thailand Tri-League.

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  • Khon Kaen International Marathon 2018

    For 14 consecutive years, the Khon Kaen International Marathon is one of the annual sporting events that draws marathon runners to this Northeastern province of Thailand. Last year, the event broke its records with more than 36,000 marathon runners joining the race and its organiser is expecting the 2018 edition will repeat the same success.

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    Thailand International Kite Festival @ Cha-am
    งานไหว้ครูมวยไทยโลก ครั้งที่ 13
    เทศกาลเย็นทั่วหล้า มหาสงกรานต์: Amazing Songkran 2017

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    2017年 タイ全国マラソン

    体力、忍耐力、達成感、自分の限界が試され るタイ全国マラソン。走ることによって湧いて くる意 欲、充実感そして満足感。コースはタ イ国政府観光庁がタイ全国でランナーの皆 様のためにその地域の 自然や生活に触れあ いながら、楽しくそして心に残るマラソンをお 約束します。